A Token Of His Extreme Soundtrack

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A Token Of His Extreme Soundtrack
Released November 2013
See also:
A Token Of His Extreme
The Dub Room Special!
KCET Studios, August 1974



  1. The Dog Breath Variations
  2. Uncle Meat
  3. Montana (6:44)
  4. Earl Of Duke (5:49)
  5. Florentine Pogen (11:08)
  6. Stink-Foot (3:58)
  7. Pygmy Twylyte (7:47)
  8. Room Service (12:12)
  9. Inca Roads (9:51)
  10. Oh No
  11. Son Of Orange County
  12. More Trouble Every Day (7:17)
  13. A Token Of My Extreme (1:25)

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ZFT # Version # # discs Format Catalog # Release
Artwork Comment
97 TBD 1 CD Zappa
ZR 20015
2013-11-22[1] 0824302001523   US edition.
Source: 1974 Stereo Analog Master. Mastered by Bob Ludwig. Matrix # TSI CA 1015861 VR20131 HTTP://WWW.ZAPPA.COM


  1. Listed at G&S Music as of November 22nd, a scan of the backcover has been posted on the 25th, finally appeared in Barfko Swill listings on the 26th (according to Zappa Forum users).

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