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Napoleon Murphy Brock (nicknamed "Napi") had sung in church choirs from the age of five. At high school he played clarinet before taking to the saxophone. He gained experience from performing in orchestras, jazz bands and marching bands.

He was seen performing, in Hawaii, with his six piece band Gregarious Movement by Marty Perellis who informed Zappa that he had found a replacement for Sal Marquez. Zappa went to see him perform and asked to meet him. Brock had never heard of Zappa and declined Zappa's request that he join him on the about to start European tour not least because he, being a jazz fan, had admired the work of George Duke and Jean-Luc Ponty and was in awe of playing with them, and he also felt obliged to fulfil his contract in Hawaii. On his return from the tour Zappa invited him to rehearse with them.

He provided vocal, sax, flute, and/or keyboards on:

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