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Wim Opbrouck (1969) is a Belgian actor and singer, best known for his comedic roles in Flemish TV shows like "In de Gloria" (2000-2001) and "Het Eiland" (2004-2005).

Opbrouck is a huge Zappa fan. When the Belgian magazine Humo asked him in 2005 to choose the 10 music albums that influenced him the most he had trouble picking just one of Zappa's albums. He eventually settled for one of Zappa's You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore records. He admired Zappa's courage, diversity, humor and professional musicianship and claimed that he only disliked Thing-Fish. He hated the record so much that he brought it back to the record store.

In another interview he choose Sheik Yerbouti as one of his seven favorite albums of all time. [1] Zappa proved to him that comedy is possible in music and also very important. One of his comedy stage acts was inspired by Fembot in A Wet T-Shirt Nite. [2]


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