We Are The Mothers And This Is What We Sound Like!

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"We Are The Mothers And This Is What We Sound Like!" (a.k.a. "No Commercial Potential"), was to be released in 1970, as a single disc containing two Mothers radio publicity tracks ("We Are The Mothers" and "This Is What We Sound Like") along with: "Right There", "The Jelly", "Igor's Boogie", "Lost In A Whirlpool", "Do It In C", "The Story of Kenny & Ronny", "The Booger Freaks of America", "Any Way The Wind Blows", "Fountain Of Love", "Opus 5", and "Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance".

An edit of "We Are The Mothers" was released as "Mothers At KPFK" on the "Mystery Disc".

"Right There" is a different edit than on "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 5", as both versions contain material not on the other.

"The Jelly" is a live improvisation and "Igor's Boogie" is live - both tracks are from 1969.