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Hi, RDNZL!!!

You've been working a lot nowadays! :-)

Sorry for writing here, but I hav one thing to ask: I saw you made here a real huge work, my I have a thought I would like to share with you.

At Kill Zgly Radio forums we were talking about the structure of this wiki, and we said two important things:

- We shouldnot make "skeleton" pages. It means, that if one makes an article, he/she should put up as many inforations, as he/she can. The reason for this is the fact that a wiki-link is red when ther is not content behind it, and blue when there is an article behind. Now we have tons of blue links with almost no information behind. Its good when a song is cathegorized, and good to know some details, but I think first things sould be done first. Most of the article about the songs do not include lyrisc - and so on.

- I dont think bootleg-albums should be mentioned in "Albums on which these songs appeared" Or if so, than another cathegory should be made. I think.

So, these are my thoughts - what do you think?

and: how about visiting the Kill Ugly Radio's wiki-forum, here.

Sorry for leaving a message here, I didn't know where to write.

Thank you and best wishes: