Tired of Pretending …

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1981_05_09 New Musical Express, page 07

Tired of pretending …
that you are really enjoy listening to the 'Fashionable Types of Music' advertised elsewhere in this publication?

1981 05 09-NME,-p07.jpg

Go for the good stuff. The new Zappa release contains vast quantities of stimulating audio entertainment for which it is not necessary that you dress up in ugly clothes in order to listen to it (a major sociological breakthrough).
This remakable new concept makes it possible for you, in the privacy of your very own dwelling, to frug yourself into a frenzy without the fear of stressful peer group pressure, applied by dissipated personages with dark glasses with pointy tips on them with modern hair and so forth questioning your ethics.

Frank Zappa
Tinseltown Rebellion

There's a copy waiting for you in a store somewhere … waiting for you to take it home and make it go round'n round while the good stuff comes thundering out of your apparatus!