Tinsel Town Rebellion Band

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Records With Zappa Covers

Absolutely Live

Records With Zappa Musicians


  • Markus Bothe: guitar, vocals
  • Christian Henke: guitar, vocals
  • Antoine Pütz: bass, vocals
  • Thomas Berndt: keyboards, vocals
  • Stefan Michalke: keyboards
  • Jürgen Karle: mallets, percussion
  • Horst Schippers: drums, vocals
  • Christoph Fischer: trumpet
  • Eon Oligschläger: trombone
  • Johannes Flamm: alto sax
  • Manfred Cogel: tenor sax
  • Harald Königs: baritone sax


Conceptual Continuity

The band is named after the song Tinsel Town Rebellion.

The album Absolutely Live is named after Absolutely Free.