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"Time For Beany" was an American children's TV show (1949-1955) with puppets. The daily episodes, each fifteen minutes in length, frequently contained topical references, usually of a satirical nature. One episode portrayed President Harry Truman in puppet form. Other characters spoofed popular entertainers; examples are Dinah Saur and The Red Skeleton, parodies of Dinah Shore and Red Skelton.

"And the thing that I like about Albert Einstein and I hope it's not an apocryphal story. He liked the television show that I liked, which was "Time For Beany". I heard a story that he left an important meeting one time telling the people he had to go watch "Time For Beany". And I hope that's true." (Frank Zappa in The Lost Interview) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj4ftkasiv8)

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