The Iron Sausage

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The Iron Sausage is an object that is referred to twice in Zappa's work, namely in The Torture Never Stops and Dong Work For Yuda.

The original title of The Torture Never Stops was intended to be "The Night of the Iron Sausage". The Iron Sausage is most likely an obvious metaphor for a phallus. Other references to sausages or weenies in Zappa's lyrics also often (but not always) refer to the penis.

References to sausages in Zappa's work

  • Burnt Weenie Sandwich
  • Latex Solar Beef: "You could hear the screamin' semen/ As the reamer steams up the lake/ Reenie weenie up to the snake"
  • A "space sausage" is featured in Hunchentoot.
  • St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast: "As she abused a sausage pattie/ And said why don't you treat me mean?/ (Hurt me, hurt me, hurt me, oooooh!)"
  • The Torture Never Stops: "... in the night of the iron sausage"
  • Stick It Out: "Stick out your hot curly weenie"
  • Dong Work For Yuda: "John's got a sausage, yeah man!/ John's got a sausage, yeah man!/ John's got a sausage that will make you fart/ John's got a sausage that will break your heart/ (...) He took a little walk to the weenie stand/ (John's got a sausage, yeah man!)/ A great big weenie in both his hands/ (John's got a sausage, yeah man!)/ He sucked on the end/ 'Til the mustard squirt/ (...) Make way for the iron shaschige!/ Driver, McDoodle. Sausage, Salima, Salami."
  • SEX: "At yer bongo party an' yer weenie roast"
  • Chana In De Bushwop: "She had this sucker weepin'/ (Like a Chana in de Bushwop)/ 'Bout that sausage he's keepin'/ (Like a Chana in de Bushwop)"
  • Jezebel Boy: "Old Ralph will make him put that wretched Sausage in his mouth again"
  • The logo of the Zappa Wiki Jawaka site shows a poodle with sunglasses with an iron sausage behind it.