The Girl Wants To Fix Him Some Broth

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Narrator: The girl wants to fix him some broth.

Soprano: Tinsel cock!

Chorus: Doo-wee-do, Tinsel cock, my baby

Soprano: Would you like some broth?

Narrator: Some nice soup

Chorus: YUM!

Soprano: Some hot broth?

Narrator: Small dogs in it

Chorus: Doggies!

Soprano: Yooooouuuu . . . Do you?

Narrator: You like broth?

Chorus: Doo-wadnum!

Narrator: Dog broth?

Soprano: Hot broth?

Chorus: Hot dog broth?

Narrator: You like dog broth hot?

Soprano: Hot dog debris

Chorus: DEBRIS!

Soprano: Dog debris!

Narrator: How do you like it?

Chorus: Dog breath?

Soprano: Doo doo

Narrator: Debris of the four styles offered


Narrator: Debris, broth, breath, And the ever popular hygienic European version Tinsel cock!

Chorus: Tinsel cock!

Narrator: Which do you choose?

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