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Release Notes

These personal views from Gsmglauco were removed from the Release notes section:

"Contains clips of other videos, a sort of best of video Zappa. Of particular interest is Zappa addressing the Maryland State Legislature about censorship laws. This part is very amusing. There is also a clip from an Australian talk show appearance by Zappa in which Frank conducts the audience and show's band in a wierd little improv. There is also a clip from the 82 band playing King Kong (the "Blowjob" portion which is on Stage III) and a guitar duet between Steve Vai and Frank during Stevie's Spanking. Also, there is the song from Jazz From Hell, Night School, played over footage of the making of 200 Motels."

The 'personal' style would need to be re-visited in order to fit in the article page.

Maroual 16:51, 28 Feb 2007 (PST)