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Hi Emdebe,

a question again: why making half-pages (again?) What do you mean when you write "and more" at the tracks on Unmatxched 1?These infos are available here, why leaving this page half-made here (again)? Why doubling infos like "track" and "players" - while they are saying just the same? Why making categories (again) to someotherwise empty pages?

I think a kind of completeness would be fine as a goal - the way you also did at Who Are The Brain Police?. Please.


The "and more" is NOT MINE... I'm actually trying to complete these pages... At least I was for the last 15 minutes... But you are already jumping on my back... --Emdebe 11:39, 26 Aug 2005 (PDT)

Hi Emdebe,

Well, maybe I wasn't patient enough, I see your work is "in progress" - if its this way, than sorry. I just have a kind of fear of those empty pages, the unfinished ones...

I'm a kind of fan of a sort of completeness, you know - but I see (hope) this one goes into that direction. Sorry again.