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Can't fathom why last review doesn't justify, have I embedded invisible gremlins or something, or just coded it wrong? can you help out?

There was a <div align=right> at the end of the previous piece instead of a / div Duncan 02:33, 2 June 2008 (PDT)

Still not convinced

Not sure that these add anything much to a Zappa wiki or just how they fit in with the rest of the stuff here. They are available elsewhere for anyone who wants them. Duncan 07:17, 2 June 2008 (PDT)

FZ Project Reviews: Trout Mask Replica

I get your drift on the lack of 'purity' of the articles, ie drifting away from FZ, however: My thought process was as follows;

1. I kept them in as they were in the original/very 1st TMR page- so thought already OK'd with you guys..?
2. I found them interesting & had envisaged articles like this, (of the emergence/early days of FZ's works- & the 'collective' around him- on an unsuspecting public & music press) would help a wiki reader to gain insight into breadth of FZ entrepreneurial skills while providing a medium for links in context for lookup of 'extroverted thread stuff'.
3. Just the 'keystone' people, cross-fertilisation etc, ie TMR, GTOs, Fischer, Fowley, Buckley- maybe a few others... The 'introverted thread' stuff, seeds sown by Zappa
4. Perhaps, for 'findability' I should have called page [as above prefix], with any 'project' review as the suffix in title? So, they nest together quietly somewhere in the wiki & provide 'quick taster/overview' with internal links & save a reader flying off to all points in the web & back. We can't have opinions but we can effect them with pages like this.

Up to you. Bottom line is "I don't think it's doing any harm, TMR was a 1st project, it put CB in the spotlight where previous things had 'failed' & they were chums, find out more elsewhere in the links we've given..." --Tonefish 03:06, 4 June 2008 (PDT)