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I would love to get some background information to this song. Especially whether there are overdubs on it or not. And if so, which. Personally, I think the 80's sounding synthesizer that plays horn-parts is one example. It would be pretty impressive if there were no overdubs in this track.

This was an 80's track which was added to the Uncle Meat CD reissue - a musical nothing with heavy breathing. It has no place on Uncle Meat. The players are:

Massimo Bassoli - vocals

FZ - guitar

Tommy Mars - keyboards

Scott Thunes - bass

Chad Wackerman - drums

It comes from a 1982 concert in Italy. The only overdubs were vocals added in September 1982 at UMRK.

I apologise for the stupid format of the discography on this wiki that prevents you (and others) from finding the information required. I am sure it will be improved some day.

Duncan 01:42, 31 Jul 2006 (PDT)