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One Star - Very disappointing

In the UK this weekend BBC TV showed a film by Alex Winter entitled Zappa. He seemed like an interesting fellow so I came here seeking more information but was surprised by how little there is and how hard to find it it could be.

One is left wondering if he ever lived in New York. If he was married here. If New York was significant to his creative development as a performer. Whether it was particularly productive period of his life. Perhaps he met several people here who would prove to be invaluable over the next few years of his working life. Who knows? It is not mentioned at all in the Biography section so I assume not.

What I found was yet another list of names (so many lists of names) with no context and no chronology. Too often these links resolve back to some long defunct "tribute" band (by which I assumed people with insufficient imagination or creativity to come up with anything original) which just added to the disappointment and frustration when seeking an insight to Mr. Zappa's life and work.

Thank goodness for Wikipedia and Google.


An interested but disappointed reader. 25th October 2021