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Regional Editions

Mexican vinyl:



That's a nice one, the picture is very detailed. Thanks.

Now that I've almost finished my first phase which purpose was to have at least the main releases explained, I'm gonna focus my efforts on the following items:

  • Regional editions: Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, etc.
  • 8-tracks
  • Cassettes
  • Interview discs

Maroual 14:48, 11 Sep 2006 (PDT)

Peaches On Regalia timing on the LP edition

I do not agree with 3:37 without proper jusitification.

Well, accurately pitched with a quartz, this track clocks around 3:40... But so far, our rule for the LPs is to take what is actually printed on the original edition, whatever true or false. Footnotes can be used to provide with additional details when required.

The original LP edition I bought in the US has 3:58 printed on the sleeve only, nothing printed on the label.

According to Stuff Up The Cracks, the European re-editions has 3:58 as well as well as most editions (Argentinian, Old Masters, etc.).

Even my Classic Records 200g edition has 3:58 printed on the label and sleeve.

Maroual 12:24, 22 October 2009 (PDT)

Hot Rats Early Versions in UK

I note the link to RSLP 6356 in Discogs.

This is OK, but actually the '2nd edition' (in my possession) with the updated tan Reprise label.

The '1st edition' (in my possession) was the Tri-color green quadrant label. (Matrices on run-outs are as above issue, stamped).

The '3rd edition' was the 'Kinney' move to cat#s, with K44078 - tan label, currently indicated '2nd edition' herein.

A '4th edition' label followed, similar to above, with the addition of the 'mini W' logo in the radius text.

Confusingly, a whole gamut of covers were used, moving from existing stock with the Warner-Arts log through to the 'square' Reprise as stock expired & reprints emerged.

Thought I'd flag this up before making any amends to data (in New Year) Trust this makes sense. Have a good Christmas folks

--Tonefish 21:33, 24 December 2010 (UTC)

USA Issues - identifiers

The current matrices shown for this US issue seem to be later* than the release date.

As far as I am aware, the first issue has the matrices
A = RS 6356 A [17520 struck thru] 30926
B = RS 6356 B [17520 struck thru] 30927
This vinyl is contained in the black Bizarre liners (with FZ & Herb).

A 2nd issue then exists. Exact same matrices as above, but with -1B & -1A stampers added
A = 30926-1B
B = 30927-1A [Yes, transposed in relation to sides]
This issue comes in the same black liner. However, this liner has both texts moved onto one face & a coupon-response on the reverse, promoting FZs "Zapped" release (issued Nov 1969).
(As you know, he sorted this compilation & I think worked with Mo Ostin in the 'Loss leaders' stuff - & 'Dr Demento' on the text etc).

So, this 2nd issue dates it at least a month after the first issue.
Both have the blue/green Bizarre labels of course.

  • the existing matrix MAY be a Reprise label?

Trust this may help
--Tonefish 03:20, 20 January 2011 (UTC)

Thanks Tone,

I checked again the matrix numbers on my LP which has the coupon for Zapped.

Actually, I have "A" and "B" stampers, however on my copy "-1" and "-2" are both handwritten:
Side1: T 1 RS 6356 A 30926 - 1 B
Side2: T 1 RS 6356 B 30927 - 2 A

My label is identical to this one.

I will fix the info in the table asaic ;-)

Maroual 19:47, 8 February 2011 (UTC)