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I need to retitle this and don't know how. also I've been told it's too long and it's done yet help!

not done yet

Hi, I can do this for you. Please just tell me the new title. Maroual 17:14, 21 Mar 2007 (PDT)

BTW the message about the length is just a warning. I've never had problems with it. Maroual 17:16, 21 Mar 2007 (PDT)

Hi, I (Propellerkuh) edited your article so that one can read question and answer a little bit better and put in many line breaks just for better viewing, I hope not to override your author's intention too much. Also I "categorized" the article with the bottom line so that the system sucks in the article by itself and puts it in the rights place. For that is is also good advice and more informative for readers to cite the source (interviewer, date and other sources etc as many as are to find).
Fine to see you contributing.
Remember to look into the help pages with time to get used to the systems necessities.

Propellerkuh 13:56, 22 Mar 2007 (PDT)

"1966 12 22 original Interview with Don Paulsen"

thanx folks! I'm trying to figure out how this all works . . . propelluh , sorry if I got yer username wrong, the spacing and bolding is what I wanted to do but couldn't figger it out. so thanx also the reason it's in searching is because it was the 1st place I could get the edit box to open :P of course it's an interview and it IS a direct transcript of the tape of the 1966 12 22 interview with Don Paulsen that Mr Paulsen used apparently to write his june'67 Hit Parader article found elsewhere here. I downloaded the tape from zappateers and liked it so much but couldn't send it to folks anywhere that didn't have a torrent program. Copyright issues? I don't think so as otherwise where would the tape come from? this transcript isn't done. there are about 20 minutes left of the 90 minute session remaining left to transcribe. and yes, I elected to leave the umms and ahhhs in there as it shows, I think the pacing of the whole thing. and sometimes frank is totally joshing the guy and Paulsen goes along with it and THIS comes out with the umms and ahhhs etc. isn't this the earliest interview of it's size to be found yet?? :)

and maroual, the title I forgot to add . . . how's this? "1966 12 22 original Interview with Don Paulsen"

of course I don't know yer protocols and such as I'm a total newbie at this. forgive me. "Bless Yer Hearts" ;-) the rest'll be up soon enough

Hi Punknaynowned,

We do not have clear naming rules yet for this kind of article.

So I just renamed the article the same way as former existing ones.

Thanks a lot for your contributions

Maroual 03:43, 23 Mar 2007 (PDT)