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Frank Zappa Interview
Suosikki Magazine: August 1976

(First, the interviewer wonders about the situation he was in; immediately after arriving at FZ's "Beverly Hills home", FZ commands the interviewer to the bathroom, where the interviewer sits on the seat while FZ leans to the sink and answers his questions ... After that prologue, the real business begins)

Frank, are you still a rebel?
I'm not rebelling. I'm executing! I don't believe in political revolutions. I believe in individualism, the human's revolution against his self. There are powerful rulers in every system. As an artist, to me it's important that an artist can criticize freely whatever he wants.

Is the USA rotten?
We have a lot of rotten things in the USA, but that's the situation in every country. The bigger the country, the bigger the problems. However, the USA is a country with future. I believe in this country and the freedom it is giving to artists and humans.

Who will be the next president of the USA?
It's all the same. They all are fools and crooks. I don't believe in political leaders. The people always get only propaganda and talks. How many citizens have personally met your president, for instance, and really know him? All information is filtered by the media.

Would you like to leave the USA?
No. California is the most beautiful place in the world. A real paradise when it comes to the climate. There are good circumstances here to create good music.

People say that "Hot Rats" was your best album. Do you agree?
I liked "Willie The Pimp" and "Little Umbrellas", but... (FZ serves coffee)

Do you have a drug problem?
Yes, with coffee.

With coffee???
I'm an absolutely sober person. I don't consume alcohol. I don't smoke weed. But I drink gallons of coffee.

What is your best album then, if not "Hot Rats"?
I don't know. Perhaps "Fillmore East", possibly "Uncle Meat", maybe "Grand Wazoo", who knows...

What is your best composition?
Perhaps it is yet to come. Maybe "Eat That Question".

Was that a clue?
Sure, kid.

What makes you worry?
The situation in Italy.

In Italy??
Look, I'm a paisano, Italian blood. There are always riots and trouble. That means there are always poor circumstances for artists to work. (Then FZ leaves with the interviewer to record a guitar solo for the band Grand Funk Railroad, whose producer FZ was. Interview continues in the studio at 4 AM.)

Where do you think rock is going to?
Nobody knows. There are so many different styles around. Nobody can follow what's going on. I know only where Zappa is going to.

To variations of drooling dog breath.

What does that mean?
It means, I still haven't created music that would satisfy me completely.

So do you feel you are King Kong?
I will become the Voice Of A Cheese, not the Voice Of America. (Said FZ, and Grand Funk's fellow rolled his left eye and right leg.)