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Sonora is a bilingual magazine (Italian/English); edition 4/94 dealing mostly with Frank Zappa.
Many pictures with Zappa content.
Accompanying CD see Sonora (Compact Disc)

There are 8 written contributions on Frank Zappa by Guido Harrari, Ernesto De Pascale, Riccardo Giagni, Vittore Baroni, and Giampero Bigazzi; a discography, a videography, a list of video-clips and TV-features and a bibliography.

Preface by Zappa:

Frank Zappa speaks: "Serious music lecture"
Let me explain to you about serious music. What most people regard as serious music is not that serious at all. There has been a lot of propaganda about classical music since it was first invented. Let's exmine the history of classical music briefly. All the music that people regard as great masterpieces today was writen for the amusement of kings, churches or dictators. If the man who wrote the music happened to be working in a style that was appealing to the person at that time, he had a hit, he had a job, he stayed alive. If he didn't, he could loose his fingers, he could loose his head, he could be exiled or starved to death. There was very little in between.
All you have to do is look at a book called World's Dictionary Of Music And Musicians. And you see that throughout the ages there have been guys who had hits and guys who didn't have hits and it's not necessarily connected to the quality of what they wrote. It's connected to ... how well they pleased the patron that was paying ... And it's the same thing today. So all the norms, all the acceptable norms of classical music are really the taste norms of the Church, the king or the dictator that has been paying for them. It was not the taste of the people. People had no choice about it.
So when you say that I am interested in serious music ... I take my work seriously, but I perceive it as entertainment. And it's entertainment for those people who like that sort of entertainment. I don't write for a church, I don't write for a king, I don't write for a government, I write for my friends and that's the way the material should be perceived. It's entertainment for them.
Even if it's written for an orchestra or a rock'n'roll band. It makes no difference. It's the same people who would listen to the music. I have several orchestral albums, those were not purchased by people who would buy the New World Symphony. They were bought by rock'n'roll consumers. Perhaps a special type of rock'n'roll consumers ...