Son of Serious Music

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Son of Serious Music
Released 1984
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The Berkeley Symphony Orchestra conducted by FZ.



Side One (23:02)

  1. Bob In Dacron (11:53)
    1. Scene I: Bob's clothes.
    2. Scene II: What Bob's body is really like.
    3. Scene III: Bob gets drunk.
    4. Scene IV: Bob meets Jane.
  2. Sad Jane (9:06)
    1. Scene V: Jane's clothes
    2. Scene VI: What Jane's body is really like.
  3. Spontaneous Minimalist Composition (1:59)

Side Two (25:56)

  1. Mo 'n Herb's Vacation
    1. 1st Movement: An athletic dance.
    2. 2nd Movement: An assortment of perverse subconscious desires.
    3. 3rd Movement: PAMPLONA

Release Notes

Analog Recording Digitally Transferred and Mastered, JUN 16, 1984

Background Information

The front cover is by the American Artist Donald Roller Wilson

Conceptual Continuity


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