Saulius Paukštys

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Saulius Paukštys (1964) is a Lithuanian photographer and head of the Lithuanian Zappa Fan Club.

Paukštys first discovered Zappa thru bootleg recordings smuggled into Lithuania, while the country was still under Communist rule. Paukštys did meet Zappa in 1992 when he visited California.

In 1995 Paukštys was able to erect a bust for Zappa in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. The bust was put on a pole near the Belgian embassy in Vilnius and was sculpted by Konstantinas Bogdanas. The fact that this statue was built was remarkable, since Zappa never visited Lithuania in his life and the country was never referenced once in his work.

Saulius Paukštys received special thanks in the liner notes of "Congress Shall Make No Law . . ." (2010)

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