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Robert Tilton: Under a Curse

I've been watching a televangelist named Robert Tilton, out of Dallas, Texas. He's the one who closes his eyes and says, "Thank you, Jesus!" as if Jesus were whispering to him throughout the show. Seen him yet?

At the end of one broadcast, Tilton announced that those viewers who didn't send in money were "robbing God." Because of that, he said, they were "under a curse." Naturally, the only way the curse could be lifted was for them to send even more money than they might have previously considered.

By this 'act of faith,' he said, God would know that they were really sincere, and, at that point, financial benefits would flow into their lives. In other words: you prove you are worthy of being prosperous by sending an exceptional amount of money to the address at the bottom of the screen, and that 'act of faith' triggers the "This One's Okay" blinker on the Big Ol' Jesus Faith of Our Fathers Tally Board -- and, as soon as "HE" sees it, "HE" waves "HIS" blessed hand, and: Voila!

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