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Robert Charlebois and Zappa. Photo credit: Michel Penomareff.

Robert Charlebois (25 June 1944) is a French-Canadian singer and actor.

Zappa and Charlebois

Zappa arranged and played guitar on Charlebois' track "Petroleum", recorded on 30 June 1974. However, he didn't release it right away.[1] On 22 October 1977 Charlebois met Zappa backstage at the Forum in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. That same year "Petroleum" was released on Charlebois' album Swing Charlebois Swing (LP, Canadian Solution Ltée/Kébec Disc SN 939, 1977). [2]

Quotes by Charlebois about Zappa

"My only friend in American showbiz along with Stan Getz. He gave me a nice present by producing my song 'Petroleum'. I believe that he dreamed of being Varèse or Stockhausen at the end of his life. He was a workaholic who hated drugs." - Robert Charlebois, 14 November 2001, Zut boF. [3]


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