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Mauro Pawlowski (24 april 1971) is a Belgian rock singer and guitarist. He was frontman of the band Evil Superstars, but later started a solo career. Occasionally he plays guitar in the bands Kiss My Jazz and DEUS. He is well known for his eclectic music and virtuosity on the guitar.

Members of Kiss My Jazz were once asked about the influence Zappa had on their music:

Rudy Trouvé: “Whenever people hear strange crossings and mixtures of a few genres, they tend to hear Zappa in it. Maybe it’s because we’re influenced by people who were influenced by Zappa. I like Zappa, but I never had any intentions to do something in the same region.”

Elko Blijweert: “Mauro aside, I don’t think we’ve got a real Zappa fan in the band.”[1]


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