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Dear PFIQ,

Since you printed my question and photo in issue #29, PFIQ, I have received many letters. I'm glad I'm retired so I have plenty of time to answer all.

I finally got rid of the smell of the deep scrotum piercings (mumble) by putting a 5/32" barbell and a 5/16" ring. Now air can get through. (laughs)

(FZ: Can you stand like that?
Hermann: Maybe I should read the text one whole, because . . . again . . . oh . . .
FZ: Just . . . just say "now air can get through")

Now air can get through. Don't ever quit putting out PFIQ, as it is most enjoyable. I have them all and go over them many times.

You never heard any more of Carl Carrol issue #14 I believe?

Keep up the great work. I don't know what to pierce next.

P.S. Do you use 1% Xylocaine for deep cock head piercings?

Piercing the head of the cock must be painful. (OOHH!) I had the head tattooed and it hurt like hell, but I didn't want the artist to stop.

Master Ringo

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