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AGITTARIUS [16-18 / (-30º)-30º] one of the constellations in the "One Size Fits All" (1975) "universe", has a star called "Chunky".

"Chunky" (Ilene Rappaport a.k.a. Lauren Wood) contributed (the vocal of 'Cleetus') to "The Grand Wazoo" (1972).

She also did backing vocals for the Doobie Brothers, Kim Carnes, Pee-Wee Herman, Toni Basil, Albert Hammond, Devo, Lani Hall, Chris Montan (duet: "Is This The Way Of Love"), Richard Simmons, and Patsy Moore Ferron. She appeared in videos of Deborah Harry, Toni Basil, Robbie Nevil, and Sam Harris. She worked as a producer for Sam Harris ("Heart Of The Machine") and Vicki Thomas ("Electric Eyes").

She was born in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. In her childhood, she began playing (1967) and recording with her cousin Novi Novog which led to an album on the Musicor label as Rebecca & The Sunnybrook Farmers ("Rebirth", Musicor MS 3176) in 1969. The group evolved (early '70s) into Chunky, Novi & Ernie. "Ernie" (bass) and "Novi" (viola/keyboards) are also stars of AGITTARIUS.

She has 3 solo albums:

  • "Lauren Wood" (1979, Warner Bros., BSK 3278): "Please Don't Leave" (a duet with Michael McDonald, issued as a single: hit #20 on the 'Billboard Pop Chart' and #3 on the 'Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart'), "Save The Man", "Hollywood", "Nothin' But A Heartache", "Gotta Lotta", "Where Did I Get These Tears", "Dirty Work" (Walter Becker, Donald Fagen), "Time Zone", "Overload". Produced by Michael James Jackson. Engineered by James Isaacson at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, California. Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Jim Keltner, Alvin Taylor, Michael Baird, Rick Schlosser; Bass: Ernie, Abraham Laboriel, David Hungate; Keyboards: Chunky, Bill Payne, Jai Winding; Guitars: Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Ronnie Montrose, Sumner Mering, Fred Tackett; Synthesizers: Novi, Bill Payne, Duncan MacKay; Viola: Novi; Saxophone: John Klemmer, Andrew Love; Percussion: Paul Lani, Steve Forman, Bobby LaKind, Michael J. Jackson, Sinclair Rogers Lot III; Background Vocals : Chunky, Michael McDonald, John Townsend, Bill Champlin, Rosemary Butler, Pat Simmons, Bobby LaKind, Arno Lucas, Bobby Kimball, Ricardo de Campos, Ki-Ki Koury.
  • "Cat Trick" (1981, Warner Bros., BSK 3517): "Breakin' Too Many Hearts", "In The Dark", "Work On It", "Half As Much", "Never Been So In Love", "What I'd Give For Love", "Fallen", "We're On To Something", "Ain't Got Nothin' For Me", "Dark December Night". Produced by Peter Bunetta & Rick Chudacoff. Produced by Peter Bunetta & Rick Chudacoff. Engineered by Gary Brandt at Alpha Studios, North Hollywood, Calif., Ocean Way Studio, Hollywood, Calif. Musicians: Lauren Wood (Vocals, Fender Rhodes, Background Vocals), Bill Elliott (Fender Rhodes, Acoustic Piano, Synthesizers, Clavinet), Brian Ray (Guitars), Rick Chudacoff (Bass, Grand Piano), Peter Bunetta (Drums, Percussion), Alan Estes (Percussion, Congas); Background Vocals: Arnold McCuller, Arno Lucas, Leslie Smith, Tommy Funderburk. Additional musicians: Carrie Barton (Bass), Joe Kelly (Guitar), Novi (Viola), Larry Treadwell (Guitar), Sumner Mering (Guitar), George Sopuch (Guitar), Airto Moreira (Percussion), Arno Lucas (Tambourine & Shaker), John Bergamo (Tabla), Michael Boddicker (Vocoder & Synthesizer), Mark Pelsone (Oberheim), Jerry Hay (Trumpet, Fluegelhorn), Gary Grant (Trumpet, Fluegelhorn), Bill Reichenbach (Trombone), Gary Herbig (Sax, Piccolo), Phil Ayling (Sax, Piccolo), David Woodford (Sax), Robbie Dupree (Duet Vocals), Tata Vega (Background Vocals), Kindra Koury (Background Vocals).
  • "Lauren Wood" (1997, Bad Art Records, 1188-14200-2): "Electric Eyes" (Lauren Wood), "All I Need" (Lauren Wood), "Do It Yourself" (Lauren Wood, Ron Cohen), "Evidently" (Lauren Wood, Craig Jones), "Soul Searchin'" (Lauren Wood, Lindsay Tomasic), "Twisted Reality" (Lauren Wood, Craig Jones), "Still Not Over You" (Lauren Wood, Ron Cohen), "But You Are" (Lauren Wood, Ron Cohen), "I'm Usually" Obsessed (Lauren Wood, Ron Cohen), "Back in Time" (Lauren Wood, Lindsay Tomasic), "The Big House" (Lauren Wood, Kim Bullard), "5 Years, 26 Days and 8 Hours" (Lauren Wood), "Fallen" (Lauren Wood). Produced by Ron Cohen & Lauren Wood, Lauren Wood & Michael Verdick, Lauren Wood, Kim Bullard & Lauren Wood. Engineered by Ron Cohen, Lauren Wood, Michael Verdick, Craig Jones, Dennis McKay, Chris Minto, Lindsay Tomasic, Kim Bullard. Musicians: Lauren Wood (Drums, Percussion, Piano, Electric Piano, Synth, Acoustic Guitar), Ron Cohen (Acoustic & Electric Guitars), Craig Jones (Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Rickenbacher & Vox 12 str. Electric Guitars, Hofner Bass, Synths, E-bow), Grant Geissman (Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Tambourine), Lindsay Tomasic (Acoustic Guitar, Bass), Larry Treadwell (Electric Guitars), Novi (Viola), Larry Tuttle (Bass, Upright Bass), Bob Birch (Bass), Matt Bissonette (Bass), Greg Bissonette (Drums, Tambourine), Burleigh Drummond (Drums, Tablas), Scott Jackson (Drums), Kevin Buck (Cello), Debra Dobkin (Percussion), Arno Lucas (Cowbell, Tambourine, Timpani, percussion); Background Vocals: Lauren Wood, Ron Cohen, Sydney Forest, Linda Verdick, Alex Brooks, Lindsay Tomasic.

She has many film and television song credits behind her name, most notably "Fallen" from the "Pretty Woman" soundtrack (the song was covered by Johnny Mathis, Nicolette Larson, Larry Coryell, Elizabeth - in Chinese, Presuntos Implicados - in Spanish).

"They Must Be Told" is a feature length comedy video Starring Lauren Wood as "Little Tu"; it was written, produced and directed by Lauren Wood, Allee Willis and Ed Millis; co-Starring: Pee-Wee Herman, Teri Garr, Buck Henry, Linda Ronstadt, Lesley Ann Warren, Elvira, Bud Cort, Karen Black, Toni Basil, Roy Firestone, Mike Post, Allee Willis, and Bruce Roberts.

She was the creator and co-owner of "Cat Tricks" greeting cards, postcards, calendars, posters, magnets & lightswitch plates.