Iron Maiden

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Dave Murray and Steve Harris wearing Montana shirts, from the sleeve of their album The Number Of The Beast, 1982.

Iron Maiden is a British heavy metal rock band.

Iron Maiden and Frank Zappa

In the sleeve of their album The Number Of The Beast (1982) CD there's a picture of guitarists Steve Harris and guitarist Dave Murray, who wear T-shirts reading: "NO! We are not an English rock band... we are dental floss salesmen from Montana!"

On 9 April 1982 Steve Newton interviewed drummer Clive Burr on and asked him which musical artists the band members listen to in their spare time. Burr answered: "Dave is into Deep Purple and Hendrix, and Adrian likes listening to that sort of music as well. Bruce is a Rainbow man, and Steve is into UFO, Judas Priest, and Todd Rundgren. My favourite is Frank Zappa. He’s God as far as I’m concerned." [1]


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