I Ain't Got No Heart - Joe's Corsage

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Paul Buff?: Okay, ready?
FZ: Okay, yeah.
Paul Buff?: Here we go, take five.
FZ: All right. Sounds like a hit already. One, two, one, two, three, four . . .

Ain't got no heart
I ain't got no heart
To give away

I sit and laugh
At fools in love
There ain't no such thing
As love
No angels singing
Up above today

Girl I don't believe
Girl I don't believe
In what you say

You say your heart is only mine
I say to you:
"You must be blind!"
What makes you think that you're
That I would throw away
The 'groovy' life I lead?
'Cause, baby, what you got, yeah,
It sure ain't what I need

Girl you'd better go
Girl you'd better go away
I think that life with you would be
Just not quite the thing for me
Why is it so hard to see my way?

Why should I be stuck with you
It's just not what I want to do
Why should an embrace or two
Make me such a part of you?
I ain't got no heart to give away


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