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The hippie movement was a large musical and social subculture which was very popular from 1965 until about 1974. Hippies were visually recognizable by their long hair and anti-establishment attitude.[1] They supported love and peace and wore flowers in their hair as a symbol of their peace loving nature.


Frank Zappa about hippies

"I was never a hippie. Always a freak, but never a hippie." - Frank Zappa in Mother In Lore.

"I think that what they do is a definite indication of their inability to love, because the whole hippie scene is wishful thinking. They wish they could love but they're full of shit, and they're kidding themselves into saying, "I love! I love! I love!" And the more times they say it, the more times they think they love. But like it doesn't work, and most of them don't have the guts to admit to themselves that it's a lie." - Frank Zappa in Frank Kofsky interviews FZ.

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