Greg Russo

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Greg Russo.

Greg Russo is an American writer. He has compiled, designed and/or written liner notes on over 200 CDs for EMI and many other labels in the past ten years. These include two Yardbirds 2CD sets (Little Games Sessions & More and Cumular Limit), The Best Of Manfred Mann – The Definitive Collection and The Manfred Mann Album/ The Five Faces Of Manfred Mann, and CDs by Peter Green, Raspberries, Grand Funk Railroad and Canned Heat.

Greg Russo's Crossfire Publications has books on Jethro Tull, Manfred Mann, the Yardbirds, the Zombies and Led Zeppelin. Russo's Neonfire is a CD featuring Candy Zappa on vocals, Andre Cholmondley on guitars and Napoleon Murphy Brock on vocals.

He wrote Cosmik Debris (The Book) (1998) and the foreword to Candy Zappa's My Brother Was A Mother (2003). Russo is additonally interviewed in Frank Zappa - The Freak-Out List (2010).