Fritz Rau

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Fritz Rau (left) with Frank Zappa, 1968. Photo by Günther Zint.

Fritz Rau (March 9, 1930 in Pforzheim, Germany - August 19, 2013) was a German concert and touring manager. He organized ca. 6.000 concerts in his 50 years of business life.

Rau organised the infamous Mothers concert in Berlin, 1968, which ended in a riot. Zappa later immortalized this event in his composition Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown. Although Zappa vowed that he would never return to Berlin again, Rau managed to change his mind.

Rau is mentioned in Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously?: "Fritz Rau says: "Asparagus should only be consumed by people with a large amount in an unmarked bank account!"

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