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Fido the dog is a fictional character that regulary appears in Zappa's lyrics. The dog is often a poodle and called with the words: "Here Fido, here Fido..."

The character was partly inspired by a 1974 Dr. Scholls foot spray commercial featuring a dog fainting when confronted with a man's smelly feet. Zappa would later confuse the product with Mennen spray.

  • On the cover of Absolutely Free one of the advertisements shows a dog collar with the slogan "Buy A Fydo fits swell!"
  • Nanook Rubs It: while Nanook is rubbing a chorus sings "Here Fido, here Fido...."
  • Stink-Foot: Fido is called to fetch some slippers and goes into an argument about the essence of Conceptual Continuity
  • Cheepnis: The people try to catch Frunobulax by calling "Here Fido, here Fido..."

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