Ernest F. Hollings

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Ernest Frederick "Fritz" Hollings (January 1, 1922 - April 6, 2019) was a U.S. politician, affiliated with the U.S. Democratic Party. He served as a Senator from South Carolina (1966-2005) and was Governor of South Carolina (1959-1963).

Link with Zappa

Frank Zappa sampled his voice on the tracks Porn Wars (Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention), Any Kind Of Pain, Jezebel Boy (Broadway The Hard Way), Fire And Chains and King Kong (both on Make A Jazz Noise Here). Hollings' voice was later sampled again on the tracks Congress Shall Make No Law (The Track) (on "Congress Shall Make No Law . . .") and Porn Wars The Luxe (on Understanding America).

Quotes by Hollings

"Outrageous filth" ... "maybe I could make a good rock star, I don't know."

– Senator Hollings in Porn Wars

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