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EMI was originally known as Electric and Musical Industries Ltd and was one of the world's major record companies. Currently, EMI is owned by Universal Music.

Formed, as a consequence of the Great Depression, in March 1931 from the merger of the Columbia Graphophone Company and Gramophone Company, Ltd.

In 1957 EMI became the major share holder in Capitol Records after losing long-term licensing deals with RCA Victor and Columbia/CBS.

EMI has been involved with various releases:


1980's - Present

  • 1983-1987:

Worldwide distributor for FZ's post-Warner catalogue, issuing new releases as well as reissuing older titles (i.e. Joe's Garage, Tinseltown Rebellion, etc.). EMI is also the first company to issue FZ CD's, although only in Europe.

  • 1984-1993: Capitol distributes Barking Pumpkin in the US, originally limited to vinyl and cassette releases, but began issuing CD's in 1991.

Rhino takes over US distribution in 1993 but is itself distributed by Capitol until the WEA buyout in 1994.