Dropping Dildos

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Dropping Dildos
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Side One:

  1. Truck Driver Divorce
  2. In France
  3. He's So Gay
  4. Bobby Brown Goes Down
  5. Keep It Greasey
  6. The Black Page #2 (Part 1) (Not listed)

Side Two:

  1. The Black Page #2 (Part 2) (Listed as "Instrumental Jam")
  2. Cock-Suckers' Ball (Trad. / The Clovers / Zappa)
  3. WPLJ (Dobard/McDaniels) (Listed as "Lemon Juice")
  4. Sharleena (Listed as "Send My Baby Home")
  5. Bamboozled By Love

Side Three:

  1. Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up (Listed as "Lucille")
  2. Advance Romance (Not listed)
  3. Carol, You Fool
  4. Chana In De Bushwop (Frank/Diva Zappa) (Listed as "Chana")
  5. Let's Move To Cleveland (Part 1) (Not listed)

Side Four:

  1. Let's Move To Cleveland (Part 2) (Listed as "Kiss My Volcano")
  2. Teenage Wind

Release Notes

Soundboard Bootleg, Published by Australian label Toasted Records.

Dropping Dildos is a double-LP issue of the 23-Nov-1984 Chicago show. This concert has also been issued as The Broccoli Shower and Kiss My Volcano, which are two single-LP issues of the first and second parts of the show. The two single LPs together cover more of the show than the Dropping Dildos LP's do.

Many of these recordings were used on YCDTOSA #3: In France and Bamboozled By Love are complete recordings of the Stage #3 versions. (On the YCDTOSA version of In France, the harmonica is edited down and the guitar solo is edited out, and on Bamboozled By Love, the guitar solo is edited down a bit) Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up, Carol, You Fool and Chana In De Bushwop are the same versions as on YCDTOSA #3. Advance Romance is one of at least two sources for the Stage #3 version: The first 01:02 from Stage #3 are on here, as well as everything after 02:31, but the beginning of the guitar solo is edited out.
-From The Zappa Patio.

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Back Cover

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