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Charva, I loved you
I loved you through and through
I loved you since in grammar school
When we were sniffing glue
I loved you purty baby doll
And I don't know what in the world to do about it

Charva, my darling
The only love I had
I hope you will forgive me, dear
For punching out your dad
I loved you, I loved you
And I don't know what in the world I'm gonna do about it

I remember, remember the junior prom
And I remember the time I broke your father's arm
And I remember, remember all the love we shared
Every place and everywhere

Oh Charva, Charva
I love you more and more
I swear it ain't because your father owns a liquor store
Charva, my baby
I love you and I don't know what to do about it
Oh-oh Charva
Ooooohh oh-oh Charva
Ooooohh, come back my little darling Charva
I love you so much, honey
Come back to me, Charva
Please Charva, please come back to me
I miss you so much

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"Charva", a "Mystery Disc" recording dating from the Pal Recording Studio days, was attributed by FZ to 1962 on that same "Mystery Disc", but he later stated its recording date as 1963 in "The Lost Episodes" CD booklet. A doo-wop parody, with a title that was adapted from the name of Motorhead's girlfriend at the time - Sharva.

FZ during The Uncle Frankie Show (on Joe's XMASage): We're just wonderful up here at Studio Z, we do such strange and crazy funny things. This show, the basic plot of it is there is this girl and her father, strange relationship they have, and the father owns a little recording studio, and the landlord wants to close the recording studio down and convert it into a malt shop, because the girl, her name is Nelda, because her father hasn't had a hit in three years. So the story opens up in the recording studio and the first song of the program is a little ditty that is sung by a very bad rock & roll group called, well, we haven't developed their names yet, but the name of the song is, "Charva, I Love You And I Don't Know What In The World To Do About It." And we have already recorded this thing. I wanna just a-- just a dandy song.

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