Bianca Odin

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Bianca Odin, aka Bianca Thornton, aka Lady Bianca, was a member of The Mothers from the summer rehearsals in 1976 through November 9th of that year. She quit the band thanks to audience members constantly wanting her to take her clothes off, though she handled such requests pretty well: "tell your mama to take HER clothes off and while she's got 'em off, tell her to suck a rat's dick." (from the 10/24/76, early show). According to Lady Bianca, "Frank was not pleased with me at all; he didn't like my comment to that person in the audience - and told me so". Bianca provided keyboards and/or vocal for You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 6.

She provided liner notes for the album Philly '76 (2009).