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While in New York in December 1966 Zappa sat in for a session with Barry Goldberg. The result was the Verve/Folkways single Carry On / Ronnie Siegel from Avenue L (KF5045).

Zappa was less than impressed with it:

Tom Wilson said, 'I got a session for ya and be at such-and-such a place' and I was there.

....and there was Barry Goldberg and there was Michael Bloomfield and there was these other people there and uhh, it took them a real long time to decide how it was gonna go and so wait til they figure out how it was gonna go

...and I played the chords and Bloomfield played the screechers and then they made this rhythm & blues record which had a lot of words in it 'and like Baby'.

...But I'm sure it's very excellent. Maybe it doesnt even have the words 'and like baby'. Maybe they got something psychedelic in it, like 'momma'. - Don Paulsen interviews FZ