Andreas Mölich-Zebhauser

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Andreas Mölich-Zebhauser

Andreas Mölich-Zebhauser (June 30, 1952) is a German artistic and managing director of the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden. From 1991 until 1998 Mölich-Zebhauser was director of the Deutsche Ensemble Academy. He was also manager of the Ensemble Modern in Frankfurt at the time of the production of The Yellow Shark.

In 1992 he was one of many celebrities who contributed a homage to Zappa in "Guitar Players Presents". "My first reaction was that I couldn't believe it. Five years ago, when I learned that Frank was a composer of serious classical music, I told my partners, "Okay, there's some of these pop stars who try to do this kind of stuff, but I am quite sure that he is just a beginner. I was really surprised when I saw the high quality of compositions like "Mo 'n Herb's Vacation. (...) Like many musicians, I was very interested in the music Frank wrote in the past, but there have been only a very few classical performances of his serious music. Besides, you cannnot compare the music we play with either the rock or classical music he wrote before. It's a completely new thing." - Andreas Mölich-Zebhauser, "Guitar Player Presents", 1992.

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