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Andre Williams (November 1, 1936 - March 17, 2019) was an American R&B singer, blues singer.

In 1955 he became lead singer for The 5 Dollars, also known as "Andre Williams and the Don Juans". Williams scored solo hits with "Bacon Fat" and "Jail Bait" (1957). Other hits followed, such as "Rosa Lee" (1960), "Loose Juice", "Do It" (1966), "You Got It and I Want It" (1967),.... He was also active as songwriter and producer for other soul artists. After suffering with drug addictions and homelessness during the 1980s Williams made a comeback in 1996. He tried out new styles, such as punk and country.

Link with Zappa

Zappa referenced Bacon Fat on Advance Romance and later covered the song.

When Zappa was a guest DJ in Dr. Demento's radio show in 1973 and in WSTM, Chicago on 21 November 1974 he played Williams' song "Goin' Down To Tijuana".

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