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(only in posthumous recordings)

This is the new AM-NERIKA now!
AMNESIA/AMERIKA – Better, somehow
What cannot be fixed by a favor or bribe,
Should be dead or forgotten – it must not survive!

Those dreadful CREATIVES!
Those up-rising NATIVES!
They make us remember; They cause us such grief!
My HOLY DISEASE is the only relief!

I looked into the Bible,
Yes! And so, I'm not liable
for guilt to apply!
Those dreadful CREATIVES have all got to die!

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Notes About This Song

Amnerika can be heard many times in a primitive form in Thing-Fish, in the tracks The 'Torchum' Never Stops, That Evil Prince and The White Boy Troubles. The prince's monologue mirrors that of the monologue in Amnerika.

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