Alley Cat

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You may find me, baby
Yeah, this street
With my slippery fists
Knock it like this 'n
Knock it like that
With my heart in a cage
Tucked up under my hat
Fluttering like a little black bird, yeah
Just seen his furs, pussycat

Got my umbrella up in front, yeah
'N over my head
Ready to beat you, baby,
If ya don't let me in
Cuz it's raining
Cuz it's raining, baby outside

Well I'm tired and cold and hungry
Been knocked like this an'
Knocked like that
Don't you see that bad backyard
Alley cat
I want dis little pussy
Baby wants some o' dis
And some o' dat
Don't treat me, baby, like your
Any old Alley Cat
Alley Cat, Alley Cat

Alley Cat
Dont treat me, baby, like your
Any old Alley Cat

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