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FZ.: Well, you see, at the time Freak Out! came out there were no such thing as Psychedelic Music and there were no such things as Suzy Creamcheese or "Freak Out" or … that wasn't the happening thing. And the use of the word 'Freak Out' in Los Angeles – as a colloquial localism – referred to, and there's an explanation in the album, y'know, had this whole thing about people getting together and dancing and doing this big thing. And that's what the scene was in L.A. And that's what the intent of the title was to convey. Not a bad LSD trip or, y'know …
Weirdness … it's just … people who ah … for instance, in Pachuco slang, do you know a thing about Pachucos? Pachucos doing, uh, the season when they are really happening. They are Mexican youths, who wear a certain type of clothing. It's where peggers came from, they're real tight at the ankles and then gradually getting bigger here, pleaded fronts on the pants, one button row pink flannel coats, key chains on zoot suit guys. A'right? Uh, they have a [telephone ringing] peculiar sort of slang which is … based on Spanish, but words change in, uh, pronounciation from area to area. At one Spanish ghetto in one city you'll say a word one way and, uh, in another state the same ghetto is going to say it a different way, the word means basically the same thing, but the context in which it u… is used may change, like, uh, there's a w… an expression, uh, that means Gee whiz!, in one place it may be Ehola!, in another place it may be Ehuela! Okay!
And language is not really adequate for communicating ideas, y'know, when you have to … the only way you really gonna be able to get ideas across is when people can think 'em to each other. Words really get in the way.
So, y' get hung up in the packaging expressions. I was offended when Capitol put out an album that had a glossary of, uh … terms in there, that described Freak Out as a bad LSD trip. Because I thought people would start associating our album with … uh … that, and … they did! [laughter] What can you do?

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Source according to booklet: Mixed Media, Detroit, 13 November 1967

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