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Alexis Clair Snouffer Born 1941. Died January 2006, Lancaster, California.

Grew up in Lancaster. Attended Antelope Valley High School where he played trumpet in the school band, alongside Zappa on drums. Both would take up the guitar.

In 1959 formed The Omens with Terry Wimberly. Other members included Gary Burkey (alto), David Giego (trumpet), Pete Lovio (tenor), Frank Lynch (trombone), Wally Salazar (guitar), Fred Salazar (trumpet), Pat Prue (drums), Jim "Motorhead" Sherwood (baritone) and Don Vliet was an occasional vocalist with them.

Snouffer left The Omens and was replaced by Jerry Handley. They would both later join up with Doug Moon and John French to form the embryonic Magic Band.

Worked with Captain Beefheart from 1964 to 1967 on the Safe As Milk album and part of the Strictly Personal album.

Rejoined Captain Beefheart 1972 - 1974

Dropped out of the music world since the 1980's working in odd jobs around Lancaster.

Early recordings can be found on:

Mystery Disc

The Lost Episodes

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