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Captain Beefheart's backing band was variously titled as 'His Magic Band' and 'The Magic Band' which, during its existence, had an interchanging and evolving line-up.


For Trout Mask Replica the line-up included:

  • Captain Beefheart [ Don Van Vliet ] - (bass clarinet, tenor sax, soprano sax, simran horn, musette, vocal)
  • Rockette Morton [Mark Boston] - (bass, narration)
  • Antennae Jimmy Semens [Jeff Cotton] - (steel-appendage guitar, flesh horn, vocal on Pena)
  • Zoot Horn Rollo [Bill Harkleroad] - (glass finger guitar, flute)
  • The Mascara Snake [Victor Hayden] - (bass clarinet, vocal)
  • Doug Moon - (guitar on China Pig)
  • Drumbo [ John French ] - (drums, percussion) [Uncredited]
  • Gary Marker - (bass guitar on 'Moonlight' & 'Veteran') [Uncredited]
  • FZ (comments on The Blimp) [Uncredited]
Magic Band members on Trout Mask Replica.
L to R: Harkleroad, Hayden, Beefheart, French, Cotton.
Photo; Ed Caraeff, 1969.

Player History

The band has included, at various times:

  • Black Jewel Kitabu [Eric Drew Feldman]
  • White Jewel [Jeff Moris Tepper]
  • Robert Arthur Williams
  • Richard Snyder
  • Gary Jaye
  • Gary Lucas
  • Richard Redus
  • Cliff Martinez
  • (guesting) Don Preston
  • (guesting) Samuel Hoffman
  • (guesting) Milt Holland (see Chunky, Novi & Ernie 1977)
  • (guesting) Taj Mahal
  • (guesting) Russ Titelman
  • (guesting) Rhys Clark
  • (guesting) The Blackberries
  • (guesting) Harry Duncan
  • (guesting) Mary Jane Eisenberg

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