When Don Met Frank - Beefheart Vs. Zappa

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When Don Met Frank - Beefheart Vs. Zappa
Released August 2014
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Release Notes

"When it comes to musical eccentricity, no one has ever come close to the often strange and sometimes downright weird sonic achievements of the loosely connected Frank Vincent Zappa and Don Van Vliet. The fact that this pair of unconventional musicians and human beings ever managed to get anyone outside of their own enterprise zones to release their music in the first place is an achievement of staggering dimensions - particularly considering the conservative approach of most record companies both then and now. But it remains one that has enriched the lives of anyone who has taken the time to listen. This 2 x DVD set explores the relationship, the music and the lives of the good Captain and Uncle Frank, and in so doing it provides an unparalleled document on this oddest of couples and the anomalous art which they both produced during their fascinating lives."

— Chrome Dreams

Liner Notes


ZFT # Version # # discs Format Catalog # Release
Artwork Comment
n/a Stereo 2 DVD-Video Chrome Dreams
2014-08-12 0823564538891   UK edition, all regions, 4:3.

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