Welton Featherstone

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When FZ moved from Cucamonga into a little apartment at 1819 Bellevue Avenue, in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles, he got a job at Wallich's Music City, a record store in downtown L.A. where he worked as a salesman in the singles department. There he met Welton Featherstone.

From The Real Frank Zappa Book (1989) - "Let's Meet Jesus" - While I was working at the store, a black guy named Welton Featherstone came in, shopping for singles. We got to talking and he asked me if I'd ever been to church. I told him I'd been raised a Catholic, and he said, "No, I mean have you ever been to a real church?" He told me about a place called The World Church, which happened to be right around the corner from where I lived. It was run by O.L. and Velma Jaggers, a husband-and-wife evangelical team. He said, "You won't believe it. Tonight's 'Baptism Night' -- you gotta go down there and check it out."