Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain

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It's always been a business issue, it- the whole thing has been covered with the ah i[t]- it's been injected with this moral tone: "Save the children!"... from what? From sex? From violence?

Look, a parent has a reponsibility to educate their children about sex.

You don't want your child to know about sex, I think you're taking a risk, because how can you expect a child to under[stand]- to protect itself or to understand the dangers of a weenie-wagger unless he knows what a weenie is.

You know you can't keep them sexually ignorant, it's dangerous for them.

You wanna protect your children from violence, don't let them watch the football.

You know the- w[hat]- what they're talking about is really useless.

And in law, I understand [all they only have?] a high school education.

But somebody told me one time that in matters pertaining to the First Amendment, you t- you were supposed to look for the least restrictive alternative.

And the least restrictive alternative in this case is "Don't buy Sugar Walls!".

Nobody is making you buy it, you don't need to buy it in your life.

Rock 'n' roll music was never written or performed or designed for the taste of a conservative individual.

"Weird It's Huge Man!"

Why should a group of conservative individuals ...

"We're The World!"

... exhort their taste and their morals on people who want it.

If this music offends you, don't buy it! That's the best way to vote against it.

If you think that your taste and your f[eeling]- ah feeling about this thing is so exactly right, just walk away from it!

Or ah, and/or support music education in school, music appreciation in school, because how can a kid buy something else unless he knows that it exists.

Most American kids that at younger age [break?] and have never heard a symphonic orchestra, never heard Jazz, they've never heard any kind of music other than rock 'n' roll.

That's all they see and that's all they hear because that's all that gets broadcasted.

And music education was taken out of schools because of budgets cuts.

Who needs it?

All right? So "stick it back in!", that's what the PTA are a bit doing.

And as far as the rest of this stuff will try to pass all these minute legislations of different ratings, you know a generic warning.

If you had to warn anybody, you should say: "B[uy]- buy or beware! This music was not made for conservative tastes. So just go do something else or buy instrumental music."

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