Thou Shalt Not Make Unto Thee Any Graven Image - Any Likeness Of Anything In Heaven Above, Nor In The Earth Beneath, Nor In The Water Under The Earth

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Well, it's as simple as this, the P- the PMRC goes to the record industry and extorts them, ok?

You have a bill that's gotta go for Thurmond's Committee.

You [ought?] to do this or something bad is gonna happen, you know, it wasn't printed out like that on an invitation

But you know, they do give it a nudge nudge wink wink.

And ah you know you're supposed to be: "Hey, well, I'm ah the sophisticated and adult individual."

I get the picture, it's extorsion!

All right, so press though, here comes the generic label:

"Going Again"

"Parental guidance/Explicit lyrics"

Whatever it is, they think it's mild, I think it's hideous because it's taking my rights.

Nobody called me up and say "Hey, Frank! How would you like to help make, em a number of major record companies a little richer by giving up your rights?"

And here's what the- the fallout of this has been in terms of the retailer because, you know, who's talking about the retailer here? Look what happened to the retailer.

And in this discussion with Mark Puma ah, Twisted Sister's manager, so I talked to him and he tells me that he had a conversation with the guy from the Camelot chain.

Camelot is a retail outlet for records, 400 stores, something like that, in malls across the United States.

With no legislation, with no sticker yet, they have already been told by the mall owners' association "if you rack a hard rated album, you're gonna loose your lease," ok?

And ah, at the California Copyright Conference, the other night, while I was speaking, I met a guy from Capitol.

He told me that people in his sales department have already been told by major retail chains: "We won't rack an album with any sticker on it!"

So what do you think is gonna happen?

Just because they gave on it the sticker.

W[ell]- y[a]- what records will go into this store?

I'll tell you what records will go into this store.

If the rule is "no record with any sticker in this store", there is only one kind that gets to go in, and that's country and western.

Because they have said they don't want to rate country and western music, even though it talks about sex, violence, alcohol, the Devil... everything they complain about rock 'n' roll.

And mixed in such a way that you can here every word and sung to you by people who've been to prison and are proud of it, ok?

They don't wanna rate this music.

Now, why?

You have a husband and wife team from Tennessee, this is a major industry in Tennessee, it's the Nashville contribution.

Can you help us all out down here?

If everybody else's record goes off the shelf, would you stick it on?

A lot of Dolly Parton, right? There it goes.

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