Thou Shalt Not Covet The House Of Thy Neighbor, The Wife Of Thy Neighbor, Nor His Male Servant, Nor His Female Servant, Nor His Ass, Nor Anything That Belongs To Thy Neighbor

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Here's the thing about the FCC, nobody really understands the - this basic premise of the FCC.

It was designed to keep your transmitter from messing with the next guy's transmitter.

It's not the governmental ah censorship agency, and no matter what Mr. Fowler's beliefs are about the ah, something must be done.

Does he in fact have legal power to do something about it?

I think not, he's not a censor the - ah the FCC was never chartered as a censorship organization.

I've got the charter sitting upstairs and I'm gonna read the damned thing top to bottom before I go to Washington D.C.

They - everybody says: "Ooh! The FCC will get you."

What are they gonna do? They're gonna mess up with you license, well that's economic ah extortion applied to the owner of the broadcast property.


And a lot of these guy say: "I don't wanna go to court. Sure I'll take the record off the air."

What's the difference? I mean, you know, you're bending over!

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